Garrett intercooler core | 703520-6002
Garrett intercooler core | 703520-6002
550 HP CAC (14.0" x 12.1" x 3.5")

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703520-6002 - CAC (14.0" x 12.1" x 3.5") - 550 HP

Utilizing advanced Aerospace technology, Garrett intercoolers offer superior fatigue protection for the high boost pressures and temperatures of today’s extreme engines. With over 75 years of charge air cooler experience. Garrett making it the number one choice for some of the premier names in the performance car industry – Roush, Saleen, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Ford SVT, GM, and McLaren have all turned to Garrett to intercool their hottest models.

A full range of bar and plate intercooler cores that are manufactured by Garrett technicians. Bar and plate intercooler cores are proven to reduce intake temperatures through advanced fin density and offset composition. Find the perfrect fit for every project.